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Everything you need to know about the digital experience - 6 December to 16:00 EET

Table of Contents
  • Registration
  • My Account
  • Technical Recommendations
  • Scientific Programme
  • How can I interact with participants and presenters during the congress?
  • Certificate of Attendance

How Do I Register for ICNR Congress 2020 – The Digital Experience?

In an effort to further support healthcare professionals around the world, the ICNR has decided, exceptionally for 2020, to offer reasonable registration fees to this unique online event.

Please note that group or third-party registration is not available and that delegates must register themselves.

You can register until 18:00 EET on Friday, 4 December 2020. To register, you will need to sign in the registration process.

I Can’t Attend ICNR Congress 2020 – The Digital Experience. How can I Access the Scientific Presentations?

We’re sorry you’ll miss the Congress.

Who is Eligible to Register for ICNR Congress 2020 – The Digital Experience ?

Registration is reserved to certified healthcare professionals, healthcare industry representatives and other stakeholders involved in the science, management and prevention of the field.

My Account
I Forgot My Password

Please enter your email address here. You will receive an automatic email in your inbox, please check your spam folder if you don't see it - to reset your password.

I Don't Remember My Username

Please note that your username is the email address you used to create your ICNR account during the first registration. You can reset your password here. An automatic email will be sent to reset your password, please check your spam folder if you don't receive it.

Technical Recommendations

For an optimal experience we recommend that you open the ICNR Congress 2020 – The Digital Experience platform on a desktop in full screen. Watching on a mobile devise is not recommended.

Browser Compatibility

Windows PC:

  • Firefox - latest version
  • Chrome - latest version
  • Internet Explorer 11 or newer
  • Edge - latest version


  • Firefox - latest version
  • Chrome - latest version
  • Safari - latest version
Getting the Best View

For the best digital experience, please ensure that you zoom out on your web browser to see the full room view.

If you are using Google Chrome:

  • Simultaneously press Ctrl and – on your keyboard to zoom out
  • Simultaneously press Ctrl and + on your keyboard to zoom in

On Windows 10:

  • To set screen zoom, right click on your desktop and select Display settings from the popup menu. Zoom can be adjusted in the popup window.

On a mobile device:

  • to play the sessions click on the image at the top of the screen - note there may not be a 'play' button but it is works.
I Can’t Hear the Presentation

Please ensure the volume on your computer speakers is turned up and that the sound of the presentation is not muted. If the sound does not work when the video us playing, click the volume button at the bottom left of the video.

Scientific Programme

How Can I Access the Full Programme?

Before the congress start, access the Scientific Programme to review the entire Scientific Programme of ICNR Congress 2020 - The Digital Experience.

  • Dates and times are automatically calculated according to your browser’s time zone
  • Browse presentations by selecting “Full Programme”
  • When a session is happening now, a "watch now" button is active to direct you to the live
  • Get an overview and download the programme at a glance

On the platform, you can access the programme via the navigation bar at the top and at the bottom of your screen.

How Can I Interact with Participants and Presenters During the Congress?
How Can I Ask a Question During the Programme?

During the presentation, you will see a Q&A window on the side where you can use the Comment feature to ask your question.

How Can I Access the Forums to Interact with Faculty and Other Participants?

Each of your posts will be identified with your name and country, allowing the audience to recognise your contribution. All posts should be made in English so the global community can understand and respond.

*ICNR terms and conditions: Participants guarantee that the content he/she submits on the Forum is not obscene, threatening, harassing, deceptive, invasive of another’s privacy, offensive, defamatory of any person, illegal or otherwise deliberately intended to upset or harm other usersICNRC Executive Committee reserves the right, at it sole discretion, to edit, refuse to publish, and remove any User’s content from ICNR Websites at any time and without prior notice.

How Can I Retrieve My Certificate of Attendance?

You will need to complete a questionnaire to receive your certificate. The questionnaire and instructions will be sent to you after the congress.